Software developement

We plan and develop smart and effective business solutions! Digitalising business processes at the next level.

  • System analysis

    We will find out the necessary functions to create a well running and comfortable software! If needed we will prototype and test different solutions.

  • Design

    We will create a logical structure and architecture for the software to run smoothly.

  • Programming

    We will write and develop our design solutions and also form an user interface for the software.

  • Testing

    Our aim is to find solutions that work, which means controlling the reliability of softwares and upgrading them.

  • Adaption

    We will help to implement the softwares and user interfaces and also teach the know-how and daily usage of the softwares.


Do you want to reach new heights with your business online? You need a strong and effective website for that, which we know how to build.

  • Web design

    A personalized web design is a big part of your business’s success. We believe that a great design increases the value of every business.

  • UX & UI

    User experience and user interface design gives a strong foundation towards a perfect user comfort.

  • Web development

    We create interactive solutions for the web!

  • Web maintenance

    We guarantee a functional web at the time being and in the future.

  • E-commerce

    We are capable of creating interactive e-commerce platforms for businesses in every size and purpose.

  • Analytics

    We put the information collected from your website to work for your company’s development and success.


We believe that a great design increases the potential and value of every business.

  • Branding

    We create a full package brand with visuals and everything necessary.

  • Visual identity (CVI)

    Outstanding and memorable visual identity for company’s image.

  • Graphic design

    Shapes, illustrations and visuals of every kind.

  • Prints

    Designed advertising materials for different formats and outputs.

  • Product design & packaging

    Outstanding products with outstanding package designs!

  • Animations

    Moving visuals for your website!


Want to reach your company’s full potential? We will help you with growing your business!

  • Outdoor advertising

    Creating advertising materials for outdoor campaigns!

  • TV & radio advertising

    We generate ideas to reach your business’s target group!

  • Media planning

    Planning of advertising campaigns and adapting them to media plans.

  • SEO, SEM & Google Ads

    Stand out from the competition in search engines.

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (SMM)

    Social media marketing and management.

  • Marketing campaigns

    We create effective and targeted marketing campaigns to reach your business’s goals.


Creative solutions for everything that needs a visual output.

  • Advertising photography & video

    Outstanding visual helps your product or service stand out from the competitors!

  • Product photo & video

    Visuals of products are needed in e-commerce, social media and on outdoor banners in city environment.

  • Fashion photo & video

    Stylish clothing collections and brands need breathtaking visuals to reach the best possible reflection from the audience.

  • Photography

    We will capture the object needed in the most suitable format and do it in a way to make it stand out from the crowd.

  • LIVE events & broadcast

    Full package live event broadcasting on different platforms and formats.

  • Film

    You can turn to us with an idea of making a small advertising film, sketch or even a documentary!

  • Social media content creation

    Maximize the use of your social media platforms with using visuals created precisely for the platform in question.

  • Tutorials and educational videos

    „How to“ videos for presenting your product or service. Videos with academic purpose for educational use.

  • Aftermovie

    We capture the emotions that take place at the events you enjoy the most, to make it a memory you can relive.

  • Music video

    Extraordinary and fitting visuals give musical creation a new dimension and an extra value.

  • Animation (digital + video)

    Sometimes a video or a picture isn´t the most suitable solution, then it’s time to make an outstanding animation!

  • Aerial photography & video

    Drone photos and videos reveal new angles of the product or service that is being advertised!

  • Long-period timelapses of constructions

    A solution for long-lasting constructions or other special projects.

  • Interviews

    Full package solution for interviews, we can also arrange the suitable interviewer.


All kinds of memorable events.

  • Corporate parties

    Summer days & christmas parties. Anything that needs celebrating.

  • Private parties

    Weddings or birthdays to celebrate love.

  • Team building events

    Galas, conferences, seminars to make your team even better.

  • Sound & Lighting production

    Solutions according to client needs and event’s character.

  • Promotional solutions

    Promotional and product launch events.